September 20 2012.  ZVV1 Rolanda Anrebri (Czech Import) whelped 3 incredible pups with amazing subtance.  Two females and one male are available.  They are heavy boned and have huge heads.  Bi color.                                                                         
October 21 2012.  Steinhart Zseni (Czech Import) whelped seven amazing pups.  Three males and four females are available.  Pure blacks and bi color.                                                                                                                           Both dams were bred to Arthor Vom Hiddenhaus.                                                                                                                                                                       
For Sale:  100% Euro line female Rottweiler for sale.  Sire Jenecks Quic SCH 3.  Great family protector. Great bitework and crazy food and ball drive.  Call for details and pictures.
Welcome to GSDWORKINGPUPS.COM !   I produce a few litters every year of high drive,  highly trainable German Shepherd puppies.  I prefer Czech lines due to their higher drives and trainability.  They are suitable for Law Enforcement, Schutzhund Sport, Security, or a fantastic home guardian. 

Law Enforcement discount.

Puppies now available!!!!!!!!!!
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